Sunday, May 20, 2012

Daughter's Are Beautiful (and sassy)

Lately M.E. has learned to be a true toddler. We aren't dealing with terrible two's by any means - we are dealing with terrible two-eens. She is sassafras sassy! Not trying to give attitude, but just speaking her mind the only way she knows how to express, like her mother, moi.

The other night I was reading to her before bed. In the middle of the second book she shuts it on me and says, "Go away." "Leave me alone." then rolls over and pulls up her blankie and proceeds to stick her binkie in her eye (a weird habit she started a year ago, I will never understand). So I said "Bonsoir, je t'aime" (goodnight, I love you in French) - She repeats what I said, then I turned out the light and shut the door. Didn't hear a peep from her all night. It was great for Robert and I to get the sleep we needed.

In the mornings, when my mother (Nanny) greets her, M.E. again says "LEAVE ME ALONE, Ne-Nee!' And she just sat in her bed watching Rugrats on her iPad. When she is ready to get up and have breakfast with the family, she comes down the stairs happy, "Good Morning Mommy, good morning Daddy, good morning Ne-Nee, good morning Nes, good morning Linkin" She went through the entire household!

For the little sass she throws at us, she makes up for it with her manners. "Milk please, si vous plait" (if you please in French) "Tank tu, Merci beaucoup" (Thank you in M.E.'s language and French)

She will bless you if you sneezed, she will excuse you if you are in her way and she will ask us to kiss her owies better.

But if she wants to sleep - watch out! "Go away, leave me alone!"
M.E. we love you sassafras and all!

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Shelly said...

Hola M.E. Vamos a hablar Espanol en la casa de Grammy. Te amo mucho!