Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Decor and Decsions

It's so had to decide on how to decorate our living space, not only because we are on a budget, but I like so many different styles that I can't make up my mind. Our home is so cluttered with so many different styles and lack of space and time to do those DIY's I tell myself I will get to. A lot of the items we own are antiques from my Grandmother, others are a collective pieces from antique shopping throughout the years. It's seriously a hobby of mine. But the problem lies within style and taste. I cant bein to set a budget for decorating if I don't have a style in mind. 

When Robert and I were first married, our style was very around the world modern - reds, blacks, and greens. What were we thinking? It was so dark. I have always loved different styles though. I remember when I was younger, I told my mom that I wanted every room in my future house to be a different theme. African, Mexican, Coastal, etc. 

As of now we live in Southern California about half an hour away from the beach. So of course I love the coastal style decorating, sea glass, sea shells, drift wood - well we have that stuff but not enough to decorate a whole living space with. 

We have talked about moving to Texas, and I have dreamed of Terra cotta tiled floors, bright Mexican paintings and decor, big Mexican wood furnishings, etc. 

But as of now we have a mixture of mid-century antique, modern, and ugly things that need to be painted over. 

Here are some ideas I have brewing in my head from my Pinterest board:


Retro, spacious, and my fave color
I love the idea of all this turquoise, space, and windowed cabinets

But I love the vintage feel of this one where my collection of vintage kitchen items would fit in nicely.

Dining Room
Dining and kitchen - Old century
I love the idea of Farmhouse Dining, keeping it in the kitchen. I'm not a fan of formal dining areas. Wasted space I suppose.

Shabby Chic Dining Space
But, I also love the Shabby Chic look of a dinging area.... How can I mix the two together?

White Dining space
I guess if I mixed Farmhouse Dining and Shabby Chic dining, I suppose I would get this?

Sewing Room

Sewing Room
Now I don't have an actual sewing room - I have a sewing space between our living room and kitchen which is supposed to be the dining room. Bit this image above is me. The colors, the vintage furnishings and decorating style. Now only to get my own room...

Living Room


We have a sectional, a coffee table, a side table, a mine entertainment center and a magazine rack. These are all nice things except for the space we have to put it in is an awkward size and layout. This picture above symbolizes the simplicity of the living room I want as of now.

Open, light, and airy living room
But this is what I really want. A different couch of course. But the point is to keep it light, simple, open as possible.
Comfy couch. Wish they weren't always brown
More of a couch like this - but not brown....
VRETA Corner sofa w end unit left IKEA Seat surfaces and armrests in soft, hardwearing, easy care grain leather; practical for families with children.
I'm not opposed to a leather sofa

I'm not going to touch on our bedrooms at this moment. Those spaces aren't visited as often. I'd like to focus on the main living spaces first. Anyways, but the jest of it, it looks like my decorating style is a little of everything just toned down and done simply.  

Keep things simple and welcoming.

All photos are from Apartment Therapy

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Shelly said...

I like the turquoise and white kitchen and the vintage one. I think the shabby chic is too fussy for you. You can come re-do my kitchen in the turquoise look. The sewing room is great. I hope you get your perfectly decorated house someday. Come to think of it, me too!