Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

We started our weekend off well. Saturday morning  we took M.E. to Bright Child to play in some indoor play sets equipped with tunnels and slides. M.E. kept saying "scary" to everything except the basketball. She mostly whined and cried and didn't want to do anything, but we got her to do stuff if we did it with her.

We came home for a nap, which never happened so we decided to head out to Ikea and look at the Hemnes furniture collection we have been drooling over. We came home with the TV bench at half price. I love it. It's more in tune with our style. We also got ice cream.

On Sunday Morning we took M.E. to the Conejo Adventure Garden for Children. She had a blast and didn't want to leave, even though it was obvious she needed a nap and lunch.
M.E. and Mommy sitting in a butterfly bench

"A-llo frog"

Stepping Stones

Bridge, Tree House, Tea with Daddy

Thoroughly enjoying tea with Daddy

Monday, the official Memorial Day, we first went to the park for some slides and swings.
Down the tube slide she has suddenly become afraid of.

 Then we went to our dear friend, Tamra's, for her birthday. M.E. got to ride the horses several times and never wanted to get off. Eventually it had to come to an end since other's were waiting their turns.
She loves riding horses. She loves horses. Cow girl in the works?

Then we all convinced Robert to get on a horse. Mind you, Robert has hippophobia: fear of horses. But I convinced him to at least try to look manly in front of his daughter even if it meant anxiety.
He did it. I am proud of him. I rode the horse too, with M.E. but apparently I'm not cool enough to snap a pic of. No big deal.

And this morning I took M.E. to a local splash pad.
She wasn't the biggest fan. We will have to revisit the fear, and conquer.

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Daryl said...

You are such a good mom, Bethany!