Sunday, June 17, 2012

The End is The Beginning

M.E. had her last day at dance class for the Spring last Friday. Of course, by the time it gets closer to ending, she becomes more comfortable with her teacher, classmates, and routines. So it looks like we have to enroll her in to the next class coming up.

M.E. loves to dance. Every time music comes on, all she wants to do is dance with me or Robert. This class was a good outlet for, and helped her to learn from others besides her parents. She was the youngest in the class, but socialized on her level. She learned to shuffle, heel-toe-heel, boogie woogie, somersaults, wheelbarrow, point her toes, the cradle, the bridge, march, and many other moves I don't know the names of.

I am very proud of my little ballerina. This is definitely an activity we will continue to pursue.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Much Needed Weekend Getaway

Last weekend we took advantage of my dad's time share in Oxnard Shores. We arrived Saturday night, after I got off work. We hit up Cafe Rio for dinner and then walked down to the beach from our condo. It was surprisingly light and warm. M.E. wanted to jump in the water right away, with all her clothes on. Her and Robert rolled up their pants and headed out. The waves were breaking really close to the shoreline, and the sun was setting beautifully. After awhile I walked in the water with M.E. and we had a fun time holding hands, enjoying the warm salt water on our toes.

I took these two top photos using picstitch and instagram.

Robert took these photos using his Canon Rebel XSI plus flash.

M.E. slept really well. Probably because she got the master bedroom with the king size bed and awesomely soft pillows. Robert and I didn't sleep real well - we had to sleep in the loft room on the full size bed. NBD, M.E. slept in and I was able to wake early and make breakfast.
After breakfast we headed over to the Ventura Swap Meet. I love Swap Meets! All the awesome random things. treasures and junk. Here are a few of my favorite treasures.
Vintage embroidered pillowcases

Vintage State table cloths

Vintage clothing, best part of the day!

A doll case/trunk

Awesome skateboards

Metal bowls. I seriously want a collection of these.

A doll pram. If I had $250 to burn, and we had a separate toy room for M.E., I would have bought this for her.

Steins. Only because I'm German.

After the Swap Meet, we went back to the beach, where M.E. dug a whole and stood in it, then went back to the water. It was so incredibly overcast and cold so we went back to the condo and sat in the hot tub. By the time we left, which was around 5 or 6, the sun finally came out and warmed up. Doesn't matter, because we had such a fun time as a family. I look forward to doing it again. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Recent Heat Wave

Last week was so HOT! I was in heaven. I love the heat. It means I don't get random cold goosebumps, color on my skin, lemonade herbal ice teas, evening walks, and pool time! But we don't have a pool at our complex, so this little thing had to do for M.E. at least. She loved it. She wouldn't even wait for me to get her swim suit on. Jumped right in with only undies.

That evening we went on a wagon ride to get ice cream. Granted it was McDonald's because it was the closest place with ice cream. We have way too many frozen yogurt shops. It's like the early 90's all over again. I don't dislike frozen yogurt, it just gets a little hard on my stomach if consumed too often.  And sometimes a girl just wants some soft serve.

My mom made her this cute little outfit from a pattern my mother in law gave me. The fabric has lily pads on it.

Mmmm...soft serve.