Monday, June 4, 2012

Recent Heat Wave

Last week was so HOT! I was in heaven. I love the heat. It means I don't get random cold goosebumps, color on my skin, lemonade herbal ice teas, evening walks, and pool time! But we don't have a pool at our complex, so this little thing had to do for M.E. at least. She loved it. She wouldn't even wait for me to get her swim suit on. Jumped right in with only undies.

That evening we went on a wagon ride to get ice cream. Granted it was McDonald's because it was the closest place with ice cream. We have way too many frozen yogurt shops. It's like the early 90's all over again. I don't dislike frozen yogurt, it just gets a little hard on my stomach if consumed too often.  And sometimes a girl just wants some soft serve.

My mom made her this cute little outfit from a pattern my mother in law gave me. The fabric has lily pads on it.

Mmmm...soft serve.

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