Monday, July 30, 2012

Year of No Fear

As some of you know, I have dedicated the last year of my 20's as the Year of No Fear. I am just throwing myself out there in the world and saying "why not?" instead of being afraid to try something new. So far I have tackled a few patterns I normally wouldn't use, to get more experience in certain types ans silhouettes of clothing. Some I accomplished and some I learned from my mistakes. I've made the headliner spot 3 weeks in a row on the Sew Weekly. I am very proud of this accomplishment. But now I face another challenge. The Serger. I went a decade being afraid of regular sewing machine to diving head first into learning it and getting to the point of advancing past some of it's qualities. I have had a serer for 2 months and  haven't had the time/been afraid to try it. But last night I just made myself learn how to thread it. So far I've done a pretty good job, but I am sure I will face some more challenges along the way. But her is to the year of No Fear!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Limbo

Everyday feels the same. Like we aren't progressing  or moving forward in life. We aren't where we want to be and we certainly are moving very slow if we are headed to where we want to be. I know where I want our family to be. I want to be the bread winner or the stay-at-home mom. I don't like this in-between thing. I have always had the mind set of career and business and being a powerful successful woman due to the talents I was blessed with. I also wasn't one to have marriage and family in my mindset. But it happened and I love them and I wouldn't change that part of life. But I know this life we want is so close I can taste it. Like I'm thirsty for that single drop of water. What is it going to take to get there? What am I willing to sacrifice to be able to move forward and feed our souls and hearts?
These are OUR logical options:

  • Robert stays in Simi, working for MobileSense and continuing school at Moorpark, while M.E. and I move to SLC for a year where I can be a full time student at SLCC for Fashion & Merch, live with my in-laws and receive my AA in a heart beat.
  • We all stay in Simi, we both continue to work where we are and both attend Moorpark, where I would only be getting generals done very slowly and not take any classes based on my major because they are not offered. 
  • Stay where we are, cross our fingers that CSUN would accept me as a transfer student and get my BA in Fashion & Merch Science (takes longer as a science rather than an AA program)
We did the math, and came to the conclusion that I can bring in more as a Fashion Buyer and Merchandiser than Robert could with Graphic Design. Cause let's face it. People are teaching themselves to do it at home. Who needs a graphic designer? Robert's field is much more competitive than mine. And I can always move forward with fashion design since I already have that background. 

I know I have been given a gift. I want to use it. I am aching to use it. I am so passionate about this yet it feels out of reach from where we are at the moment and so many colleges are cutting the Art's from their programs. Throw me a frikin' bone here! 

What to do, what to do?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

10 Year Reunion: Royal Highlanders Class of 2002

The last Saturday in June was my 10 year class reunion. I almost didn't go. I am so happy that I did, and am so happy that Robert was okay with me going with out him. Instead I went with my HS buddy, James Guidi, who now is living his dream as a rock star in his band The Terns. James and I had every art class together. The memories are certainly unforgettable, not to mention the terrible inside jokes we had. We lost touch a couple years after graduation, and just a year ago we came in contact with each other. I am so happy we did. I realized how much I missed my friend.

1999? Art class. L to R: James Guidi doing his infamous lip curl, Me wearing my hood as usual, Seth Hall looking his normal ADHD space cadet.
2012 James Guidi and I. Friends once more. Reunited and it feels so good.

James picked me up and we drove off into the sunset to Sagebrush Cantina, where we proceeded to wait for other class mates to show up. Some people were east to recognize and others, we couldn't remember their names and what not. it was fun playing the guessing game. We socialized with those we hadn't seen/ talked to in for reals 10 years, ate from the taco bar, told our old crushes we had crushes on them (okay, that was only me...) took tons of pics in the photo booth, wishing I took more pics with friends. We ended the night at Cisco's Bar and Club where Robert met up with us and we danced and chatted until 1:30 AM. Needless to say, I had a blast (from the past) and needed to do this for myself. I needed to forget for one night how old I was and my responsibilities. I needed to be 18 again with my cherished high school memories with the people I care about.

L to R: James. Justin, Me, Kaycee, Reunion Photo Booth

More friends!

Amber and I. Back in HS, we hung out a lot. Our other 1/3 of the group didn't make it to the reunion that eveing, so I am sad I don't have pics with her. Love you Cathy! ABC!

Alana and me. A fellow friend, fashion designer, and classmate. I love her! 

Class Reunion Picnic the next morning.
L to R: Danny, Jacci, me, Robert, & Jessica

The next day, we woke up groggy, but ready to take M.E. to the reunion picnic and park so all the little spawns of ourselves could play. Jacci and Jessica I have known since Jr. High. I love those girls!