Monday, July 30, 2012

Year of No Fear

As some of you know, I have dedicated the last year of my 20's as the Year of No Fear. I am just throwing myself out there in the world and saying "why not?" instead of being afraid to try something new. So far I have tackled a few patterns I normally wouldn't use, to get more experience in certain types ans silhouettes of clothing. Some I accomplished and some I learned from my mistakes. I've made the headliner spot 3 weeks in a row on the Sew Weekly. I am very proud of this accomplishment. But now I face another challenge. The Serger. I went a decade being afraid of regular sewing machine to diving head first into learning it and getting to the point of advancing past some of it's qualities. I have had a serer for 2 months and  haven't had the time/been afraid to try it. But last night I just made myself learn how to thread it. So far I've done a pretty good job, but I am sure I will face some more challenges along the way. But her is to the year of No Fear!

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