Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pinteresting 8: Dark Circles

Ever wanted to know how to properly cover up those dark circles and bags under your eyes? Yeah, me too.
To my dismay, everything I had tried, all the makeup I had purchased never seemed to do the trick. One day while I was searching Pinterest, I stumbled upon this "6 Secrets I Learned at Makeup School", I pinned it to my Mommy Makeover board, thinking I will read it one day. One day came soon enough and I ended up trying a few things from these particular secrets. One I am sharing with you today is about covering up your dark circles under your eyes. First of all, I didn't realize you had to mix several different colored concealers together, to get the right shade for under your eyes. Second, I didn't know you had to do it the shape of a triangle, then blend your foundation into it. I am just still amazed this worked - now I just have to convince myself to wear makeup everyday!

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