Sunday, October 14, 2012

Funny Things My Kid Says

M.E. is quite a character. She says some things that you can't help but laugh aloud to.

M.E. talking to Daddy: "M.E. and Cora go bowling" (her 1 year old friend)

M.E. talking to Mommy: "M.E.: Mom, you okay?
Me: Yes, I'm okay. I'm tired from you waking me up at 6:30 this morning telling me you need lunch.
M.E.: M.E. okay and tired too."

M.E. to Mommy, while Mommy naps: [M.E. kisses me on the lips] "Like Sleeping Beauty, Mom!" "M.E. like Sleeping Beauty"

M.E. playing with Mommy's hair: "You have pretty mermaid hair, Mommy"

M.E. after waking up from her nap: "OOOOhhh NOOOO, M.E. WAKE UP!"

"M.E. like Halloween"

"M.E. needs m&m's for breakfast"

Me: "M.E., what would you like for lunch?"
M.E.: "Lunch"
Me: Do you want a sandwich for lunch?"
Me: "Ugh"

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall has arrived! Family Day/Night

How did we welcome it you ask? Or maybe you didn't, but you should have. First we went to Faulkner Farms as a family for some quality time together. We met up with our friends, Eric and Erica and their little one, Cora.

Then we had a very Halloween day. M.E. and I first started off by getting her a pumpkin at the grocery store.

Then I got M.E. to eat a sandwich just by cutting it into Halloween shapes.
a pumpkin and a cat

Then I made our family's favorite Fall meal.
Baked Mac & Cheese
recipe found here

Then we made some Halloween art. Originally I was going to paint M.E.'s feet and hands to make ghosts and spiders, but she wasn't to keen on that idea. So we just painted with paintbrushes.

Fed Halloween Cat some candy corn.

Then I became a Candy Corn Vampire!

And as we waited for our cupcakes to bake and cool, we danced to some spooky sounds. Sorry, no photos of our sweet moves. Don't want anyone stealing them....

The Halloween and Fall festivities have only just begun!