Sunday, October 14, 2012

Funny Things My Kid Says

M.E. is quite a character. She says some things that you can't help but laugh aloud to.

M.E. talking to Daddy: "M.E. and Cora go bowling" (her 1 year old friend)

M.E. talking to Mommy: "M.E.: Mom, you okay?
Me: Yes, I'm okay. I'm tired from you waking me up at 6:30 this morning telling me you need lunch.
M.E.: M.E. okay and tired too."

M.E. to Mommy, while Mommy naps: [M.E. kisses me on the lips] "Like Sleeping Beauty, Mom!" "M.E. like Sleeping Beauty"

M.E. playing with Mommy's hair: "You have pretty mermaid hair, Mommy"

M.E. after waking up from her nap: "OOOOhhh NOOOO, M.E. WAKE UP!"

"M.E. like Halloween"

"M.E. needs m&m's for breakfast"

Me: "M.E., what would you like for lunch?"
M.E.: "Lunch"
Me: Do you want a sandwich for lunch?"
Me: "Ugh"

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