Thursday, October 3, 2013

Preschool - Year 1 - 3 years old

M.E. started preschool the last week of August. They learned about Dinosaurs and went on a dinosaur bone dig, colored and painted pictures, and make cute crafts and science experiments. Right up M.E.'s alley. Though she is creative, she gets bored of painting and coloring, at least with me, but when it comes to science experiments, she is just excited!

Day 1 - Monday 8/26/2013

Each week, the kids learn about a new letter and work on a different experiment. She has had fun making Gak, discovering her 5 senses, and doing a smell/taste test. 
Day 2 - Wednesday 8/28/2013

At the end of the week, the kids bring something to share for share time that has to do with what letter they are learning about. The first week, M.E. took her Pink dragon, the next week she took her Ariel doll for the letter 'A', then the week after that, she took her favorite blankie for the letter 'B'.
Day 3 - Friday 8/30/2013
Took Lisa the Dragon for Share Time

This girl loves preschool and loves making friends. She is enjoying it. We are so glad we found a way to be able to pay for her schooling. An investment into her education is very important to us and it always will be. I know that us showing an interest in her schooling and education will give her the confidence to succeed and strive to go to a great college and become whatever she wants to be. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Letter to my Daughter

Dearest Mary-Elizabeth,

I have thought about the words I want to give you, from my heart, for the past 3 years. As you have grown and as I have gotten to see who you are becoming, I think I finally know what I want to say. My sweet daughter, I love you unconditionally. My heart holds so much love for you that it is too powerful to contain within me. You are a blessing and a miracle to my life - that I now know why our Father in Heaven kept me alive. To bring you to Earth. To grow, to have a body, to share your talents and spiritual gifts, and to become a child of God.

Mary, I will always be honest with you. I will also always know what's best for you, because I am your mother. You grew within me, your spirit and my spirit became one. I will always know best. It's part of being an in-tune mother. If you choose to be a mother, you will also always know best, just be patient for that day. No need to rush it.

I pray for you everyday. I pray that you will take chances, but hesitate only when you feel that still small voice, telling you something isn't right. I pray you will be kind to everyone you meet - even if they are not kind to you. Do not judge them, for they are already judging themselves. I pray you will always be kind to all creatures and plants, God created them all for particular reasons and I hope you respect that. I pray you will learn to watch where you are walking, running, dancing, and twirling - for I am tired of telling you. I pray you will continue to be concerned for others, express how you feel, be faithful, be honest, be creative, stay determined, be giving, fearless, and intelligent.

You will never hear me say that there is no money for college, Christmas, birthday, wedding, mission, etc. These are important traditions in your life, that your Father and I will fulfill when the time comes. I don't ever want you to worry about our finances. That is not your job. We have already sacrificed for you to attend preschool, because your education is that important to us. And when the time comes to choosing an extracurricular activity, fret not, you will be able to participate, for that is how we discover and develop our talents. You must never think that because Mom and Dad may not have money that you can't go to college. False. I will make sure that you WILL go to college. Any college you get accepted to. Where there is a will, there is a way. I WILL find that WAY. Do not ever give up on your hopes and dreams and talents just because we are not wealthy. I promise you, my love, we will always provide for you with what you need. You will be fed, clothed, sheltered, and educated. You will not have to sacrifice. That is our job.

You are the reason I started sewing and designing again. You were and are my inspiration for the fashions I create for you, myself, and others. If I have to design and sew and alter for others the rest of my life so that you are able to do the things that will better your future, I will. Because I am your mother. Because I chose to be your mother. And being a mother to you is more important than anything else in this temporal world.

Choose your friends based on how kind their hearts are. Never take without giving. Your friendships should be based on giving, whether it's support, help, sharing, caring, or just being that shoulder. I promise you, if you have kind friends they will do the same for you as you do for them. That is very important.

 Before you choose who you marry, I encourage you to date. Date often and give everyone a second chance. If I hadn't taken a second chance on your Father, where would you then exist? I am so in love with your Father, and I want you to feel the same love or more for your husband as I feel for your Dad. But, do date those that uphold high standards for themselves. Rule of thumb: respect is gained through your words and actions - and based on the words and actions you choose, can attract respectable young men of caliber or smug young men who care only for their swagger. Caliber always defeats swagger.

Your Father and I have struggled through life often; alone and together. When struggles and challenges come into your life, remember that there is always a solution. For the struggle your are suffering through is only a mountain climb, and when you are done climbing that mountain there will be another mountain to climb. Life will always be faced with a challenge. Without these challenges you cannot progress in life and learn from mistakes that have been made. You must know failure in order to truly feel success. You must have faith that you can climb each mountain of struggle given to you. This is a lesson taught in the Scriptures and every Disney movie. Study both.

Serve others, and often. Whatever you choose to do with your life, use those talents and skills not only for vocation, but for service as well. Charity and service is how our Savior showed his love for his fellow brothers and sisters. I encourage you to do the same. Service is the only way to show love. The Lord wants us to serve his children. If we all gave service to one another, we would all feel more love. Everyone in this world is a child of God, and each child of God deserves to feel loved.

I hope you can look back on this letter and know how much I really love you. This letter was written with lots of heartfelt tears. There is passion in each word I write to you, because I am passionate about you and your life. I will always protect you from what I can control. I am doing my best to not traumatize you or make you afraid of the world. I will not give up on you, no matter your choices, I will always be there to love you, support you, help you, share and care, give you strength, and be that shoulder you need, and I will always know best.

Love always, Mommy

Monday, September 16, 2013

M.E.' s First Haircut

I'm assuming most children's first haircuts take place around a year old. I honestly don't know. Well, M.E. being 3, I wasn't about to give her the "toddler bowl", like I had - based purely off of convenience. I'm not much a bangs fan, especially when it starts to look similar to the kid mullet. This happens because little girls baby hair all grow at different lengths, and when you give them bangs it just starts to look like a mullet, so you decide to cut the rest of the hair one length - which then leaves you with the bowl. I had this. I hated it. I refuse to do it to my daughter. It's not cute. I side sweep her bangs instead. And yes, we get days where she looks like Cousin It, but that's what hair clips are for. Anyways - back to M.E.'s first haircut. Like I said, she is 3 now. We went awhile without cutting her hair - hoping to grow it long and braid it and what not. Well, one super hot night after a bath, I was trying to comb the constant knots out of her long fine hair. And M.E. turned to me and told me to just cut her hair, she was tired of the knots and her hair made her hot. I was surprised at her demand and asked if she was sure. Yep, cut it. I asked her if she wanted to wait for Katie to cut it. Nope, Mommy cut it. I was so sad, but I know I should respect her decision. After all it's just a simple hair cut, it's not like she wants to dye it pink, yet..... So I got out my hair cutting scissors and comb and started cutting. I tried not to make a big deal out of it or show that I was sad. But, when we finished and put her to bed, I cried. As I cried, I picked up her little hairs and put them in a baggie. Robert asked why I was crying. I replied that these little hair ends that I just cut off our daughter's head was the last "baby" part on her. She is growing up so fast and quickly becoming a little girl. Those hair ends were all I had to still keep a little bit of "baby" about her. I have put them in her baby book now. And M.E. likes to say she went from having Sleeping Beauty hair to Cinderella hair.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I am genuinely in love with my husband. We have both made mistakes and have both contemplated if we really love each other. I believe that through the mistakes and contemplation's we have fallen more in love. Our bonds are stronger. Our hearts melt faster and our hands are always held by the other.
Robert is hard working and supports our family completely. He is also very supportive in my growing business, our daughters interests, and my celiac disease. He is so supportive, he takes the pictures of my designs, helps build my blog, and is always learning new gluten free recipes so that I may be able to enjoy food again.
This is one man I am so glad I did not give up on.

My parents gave up on each other. They made mistakes and they made their choice to terminate their marriage. Their choices definitely affected my adolescence,  who I was, who I became and the choices I made in life. It left me feeling undeserving of love, undeserving of attention, and undeserving of stability.

My dating life was never stable. Most of the men I dated were unavailable jerks. I suppose I always knew that. I suppose I fell for them on purpose, because I believed I was unlovable  I suppose I had already known they wouldn't ever love me the way I should be loved. To allow anyone to love me would mean I would have to be vulnerable. That scared me.

Meeting Robert didn't give me hope. I was so used to dating guys that didn't want to take it to the next level that I just decided I didn't care about impressing him or trying to be the type of girl I think he would want. Instead, I was myself. I wore a black tee shirt and green lounge pants and no makeup. I wasn't going to get dolled up for another guy. He was going to get me, the real me, and he was just going to have to deal with it. He was quiet. Didn't try to impress me either. I liked that. But not enough to fully commit. Just enough to enjoy his company.

We had a lot in common, but I still was not ready to throw caution to the wind and let him take me under his wing. I was not ready to be loved or I didn't think I deserved to be loved.

One night, Robert came over and wanted to have the "DTR" talk with me. I went into full panic mode. I wouldn't allow him to tell me was falling in love with me. I couldn't handle that. What if it was a lie, what if he would realize I'm not worth loving. What if he got bored of me and found someone better looking and more fun. Another heartbreak? No. I was determined to live my life alone, fulfilled by my career. I forced him to leave. I told him to never call me again.

That didn't work. He was persistent. Still is. He was so stubborn to get me back. This 22 year old boy was fighting for me to release my demons and allow him to love me. Allow me to love him. After a duration of time, he never once gave up. He knew what he wanted. He wanted me. And I couldn't fathom it. I had never been wanted by anyone. I had never been so loved. My brain was bewildered. The concept was maddening! He gave me his heart, knowing I could break it anytime. Knowing that he would just keep fighting for me. I couldn't get rid of him. I couldn't deny that I felt a sense of comfort and trust with him. Like he had been a part of my life all along. I couldn't deny that my heart had found a home in him. I took it one step further. I told him I loved him too and that I wanted to spend eternity with him. For 22, eternity is not fully understood. But, he wanted me for eternity as well. I still can't wrap my head around it, but if it has to be eternity, I'm glad it's with Robert. 7 years of marriage and one child, I am still very happy in my choice to marry and to marry the man meant for me. Who released me of the demons my parents choices created.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our Oregon Trip

My brother, Richard, and M.E. and I went on a road trip to Oregon, to visit our Grandma. My mom and nephew were meeting us there from Washington. It was a fun week, all together. Doing things we don't normally do when we visit Grandma. Here is our vacation in pictures.

We went to the Hatfield Science Center and touched all sorts of sea creatures.
Said "hi" to some fish
Observed a huge crab
And giggled about funny looking creatures

We went to Tillamook Cheese Factory, and saw how cheese was made.

Sampled cheese

Sat in the Loaf Van

And ate ice cream with Nanny

We went to the Blue Heron, down the 101, and became a ram and a llama.
We pet a donkey
Met a goat.
And a ewe.

And we found a quaint little quilt and fabric shop located along the 101, in the basement of a home.
Where we were greeted by this cute dog.

And of course I couldn't leave without some fabric.

And we made it to the beach the night before we had to leave.
M.E. loves the beach. 

She especially loved the wading pools.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Vacation: The Fun We Had

The one warm day we had, we did some painting for my mom and then all ran in the sprinkler with M.E.

Swinging at the famous Gilbert House in Yakima, WA.

In front of the Fruit Stand, up the road from our farm. I love this place. The best fruit and veggies in the state, also an antique shop in the back, where we bought a vintage state plate.

The original Fruit Stand is directly across the street, it now holds their storage.

Inside the Fruit Stand
African woven baskets

A Washington Staple

Delicious fruit.

Locally made jellies and jams

Locally made flavored honey, in bear containers!

We also drove up to the orchards, and came across this beautiful cherry orchard

And on our last day, we went to Tree Top General Store. Tree Top Apple Juice is located in Selah, WA