Monday, April 8, 2013

M.E.'s 3rd Birthday

We went to Disneyland (as usual) the day before M.E.'s actual birthday. We had breakfast in the park with Minnie and friends. Saw the new Princess Fantasy Faire, met some of M.E.'s favorite princesses and rode most of M.E.'s favorite rides. She was full of cute little girl excitement all day long! She got new princess shoes from Grammy and Granddad, and a Rapunzel play-doh hair set from her friend, Cora. We bought her a couple things she had been asking for, like mouse ears and a mini parasol. It was a fun filled day for a fun and sweet girl.

On M.E.'s actual birthday, the next day, we had a family dinner at Grammy and Granddad's. Lil' miss was very spoiled with fun gifts! And my friend made a Cinderella cake for her.

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