Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Vacation: The Fun We Had

The one warm day we had, we did some painting for my mom and then all ran in the sprinkler with M.E.

Swinging at the famous Gilbert House in Yakima, WA.

In front of the Fruit Stand, up the road from our farm. I love this place. The best fruit and veggies in the state, also an antique shop in the back, where we bought a vintage state plate.

The original Fruit Stand is directly across the street, it now holds their storage.

Inside the Fruit Stand
African woven baskets

A Washington Staple

Delicious fruit.

Locally made jellies and jams

Locally made flavored honey, in bear containers!

We also drove up to the orchards, and came across this beautiful cherry orchard

And on our last day, we went to Tree Top General Store. Tree Top Apple Juice is located in Selah, WA

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