Monday, September 16, 2013

M.E.' s First Haircut

I'm assuming most children's first haircuts take place around a year old. I honestly don't know. Well, M.E. being 3, I wasn't about to give her the "toddler bowl", like I had - based purely off of convenience. I'm not much a bangs fan, especially when it starts to look similar to the kid mullet. This happens because little girls baby hair all grow at different lengths, and when you give them bangs it just starts to look like a mullet, so you decide to cut the rest of the hair one length - which then leaves you with the bowl. I had this. I hated it. I refuse to do it to my daughter. It's not cute. I side sweep her bangs instead. And yes, we get days where she looks like Cousin It, but that's what hair clips are for. Anyways - back to M.E.'s first haircut. Like I said, she is 3 now. We went awhile without cutting her hair - hoping to grow it long and braid it and what not. Well, one super hot night after a bath, I was trying to comb the constant knots out of her long fine hair. And M.E. turned to me and told me to just cut her hair, she was tired of the knots and her hair made her hot. I was surprised at her demand and asked if she was sure. Yep, cut it. I asked her if she wanted to wait for Katie to cut it. Nope, Mommy cut it. I was so sad, but I know I should respect her decision. After all it's just a simple hair cut, it's not like she wants to dye it pink, yet..... So I got out my hair cutting scissors and comb and started cutting. I tried not to make a big deal out of it or show that I was sad. But, when we finished and put her to bed, I cried. As I cried, I picked up her little hairs and put them in a baggie. Robert asked why I was crying. I replied that these little hair ends that I just cut off our daughter's head was the last "baby" part on her. She is growing up so fast and quickly becoming a little girl. Those hair ends were all I had to still keep a little bit of "baby" about her. I have put them in her baby book now. And M.E. likes to say she went from having Sleeping Beauty hair to Cinderella hair.

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Contemporary Betty said...

You always impress me with how thoughtful and considerate a mother you are - from forgoing the "easy" bowl cut to making sure you respected your girl's choice. You did a great job with her hair cut and she looks adorable! Love you guys lots.