Thursday, October 3, 2013

Preschool - Year 1 - 3 years old

M.E. started preschool the last week of August. They learned about Dinosaurs and went on a dinosaur bone dig, colored and painted pictures, and make cute crafts and science experiments. Right up M.E.'s alley. Though she is creative, she gets bored of painting and coloring, at least with me, but when it comes to science experiments, she is just excited!

Day 1 - Monday 8/26/2013

Each week, the kids learn about a new letter and work on a different experiment. She has had fun making Gak, discovering her 5 senses, and doing a smell/taste test. 
Day 2 - Wednesday 8/28/2013

At the end of the week, the kids bring something to share for share time that has to do with what letter they are learning about. The first week, M.E. took her Pink dragon, the next week she took her Ariel doll for the letter 'A', then the week after that, she took her favorite blankie for the letter 'B'.
Day 3 - Friday 8/30/2013
Took Lisa the Dragon for Share Time

This girl loves preschool and loves making friends. She is enjoying it. We are so glad we found a way to be able to pay for her schooling. An investment into her education is very important to us and it always will be. I know that us showing an interest in her schooling and education will give her the confidence to succeed and strive to go to a great college and become whatever she wants to be. 

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