Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Maggie's Birth Story

As most of you may have gathered, I was done being pregnant before I could be. I was so miserable from the heat, I was running out of comfortable clothing to wear, and my feet and ankles were the same size as my thighs. Not pretty. I felt swollen and hot. My feet were so bad, that my OB felt pity on me, so he scheduled for me to be induced on July 17. I really didn't want to be induced, but I also really didn't want to be pregnant anymore. On the morning of July 15, I had an appointment scheduled with my OB to check my dilation progress. As of the 11th, I was not dilated, nor effaced. So, I did everything in my power to try to go into labor before the 17th. Robert even drove me out to Studio City to get the Labor Salad. Back to the morning of the 15th. I remember telling Robert that we were going to have a baby today. I don't know what possessed me to say it, but I did. As I was getting ready for my appointment, I was having stronger and stronger contractions. I brushed it off, thinking they were Braxton Hicks, again (I went to the hospital twice for false labor, already). I dropped M.E. off at a friends house, to play. While talking to my friend, I seriously had the most painful contraction ever. I felt it so low, and I thought I was going to cry. I leave my friend's house, get on the freeway, whilst having more painful contractions. Then I realize I'm on empty....so I somehow make it to the gas station, contracting, crying, and pumping gas. I know, now, that I am in true labor. I call my OB right away, he tells me to meet him at the hospital. I drive to my dad's house, so he can drive and I can avoid causing an accident. I call Robert at work and tell him to meet me at the hospital, it's the real thing. Dad dropped me off, Robert put me in a wheel chair, wheeled me to labor and delivery, where DR. S was waiting for us. They prepped me right away, but were concerned that I was only dilated at a 1. I got all my drugs. I wasn't frantic this time around, I was more ready to get this over and done with. I wore a headband as a blindfold again, I swear to you, delivery goes much faster this way. I pushed about 6 times, and out she came. Easy and fast. 7 hours of labor. Magnolia Ann was born on July 15, 2014 at 6:20 PM. Weighing in at 6 lbs 14 oz and 19 1/4 inches long. Absolutely perfect in every way.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Living In My Own Closet

First of all, the title of this post is not what you may assume. I am not gay. But, I do believe we all have a closet we are either living in, coming out of, or going back in. I believe we all hide something about us that we don't want others to know, aren't comfortable with others knowing, or feel it's no one's business to know. We all struggle with a part of life that may be hard to come to terms with.

Like the title states, 'Living In My Own Closet', I struggle with my own demons, temptations, and feelings about life that may not coincide with my beliefs. And that's okay. It's okay, because I am human. I am supposed to struggle. I am supposed to be tempted. I am supposed to be faced with trials. And it is up to me to fight for my plan of salvation. You see, I made a choice against my temptations and demons, and married my amazing husband in The Temple of The Lord of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We started a family together, and made covenants (promises) with our Heavenly Father to be an eternal family. A family that can be together, forever. Never to be broken apart. My husband will always be my husband, and my daughters will always be my daughters. Even after this life is over.

But, just because I was married in The Temple and have a forever family does not mean I don't struggle. I do. Everyday. My struggles can be painful at times. Physically and mentally. Everyday, I fight this trial. I fight it because I am responsible for other lives that are much more important than an urge I want to act on. And I know, in the long run, being a family forever is much more rewarding and full of happiness than acting on any urge that will only bring a temporary enjoyment that I will later regret. My husband and my children are my eternal happiness.

Sometimes, people think that being LDS (Mormon) means we all have to fit a certain mold. That is simply not true. The Gospel of Christ is perfect, people (even LDS people) are not perfect. We are all just trying to take one day at a time, living the best we know how. And everyday we can choose to progress or digress in our choices. I made the choice to progress, not just for myself, but for my beautiful family. There is no mold. There is only keeping the covenants we made. Do many of us look the same? Yeah. I don't have an answer for that. Maybe the majority of us shop at the same stores. Does that mean I have to or you have to? No. But, that's not what's important. What's important is that you make a choice everyday to progress in your family, work, schooling, faith, etc.

I believe in my faith. I believe in Christ. I believe he died for my demons, struggles, temptations and trials. I believe I will struggle the rest of my life. I believe that I can overcome each day with faith. And if I fall? I believe that Heavenly Father is patient with me. I believe he is patient with all of us. I believe he loves us all, no matter what. That's what a Father should do with all his children; love them and be patient. I know he loves me and knows me personally, and that I can rely on him anytime.

Like I said before, everyone has a closet. Be patient with them. Do not judge them. Just love them as you would want to be loved. Give them hope and support in their trials. Yes, they may fall, but you should still love them and be patient with them. Some people's struggle is more severe and painful than others, but that does not exclude them from being loved by God or by anyone else. It does not mean that Christ didn't die for their trials and struggles. Accept them as a child of God - because that is who we all are.

Maybe, one day, I will open up my closet and let many in, but as for now it is my own and I am not willing to share. I share with those that I feel need to hear they are not alone - but the whole world is not welcome to my business.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Faith, Value Experience #2

A mother's role is of high importance. There is so much that goes into being a faithful mother and raising faithful children. As a wife and mother myself, I know I am not the beacon of perfection - but I am doing all that has been asked of me in the roles that I have gladly chosen. First, I have faith in my Heavenly Father, second, I have faith in the Plan of Salvation and Christ's atonement. Through this, I have learned the importance of teaching my own child faith. We start small, but it sinks in. We have prayer everyday as a family, she attends church and primary regularly with us, and we discuss who Heavenly Father and Jesus are and where we all came from. I have a true testimony of faith and faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Young Women's Personal Progress

I am currently the Young Women's 2nd counselor and Personal Progress leader. I love serving in the young women's in our ward, and I love having both callings. The young women are amazing, the leaders I serve with are amazing, and the program is amazing.

While I am serving in these callings, I will be working on my Personal Progress along side the girls. I never completed mine as a teen, and now, adult women are given the opportunity to earn their medallion. I am really excited to be given this opportunity and to learn more about the Gospel, the Atonement, myself, and life skills.

Since I don't write in a journal, I will be using the family blog as my source to record my thoughts and completions. You can follow along with me if you wish. I will also be sharing what we did for Personal Progress night and what value experience we completed. Stay tuned as I update as often as possible.

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