I do not live the "interesting" blogger life, we don't travel to far off lands, or go on lavish vacations. We don't live much of a life to brag about, but I hope to chronicle the happenings of my little family and see our progression. I will share intimate feelings and deep thoughts, I will vent about raising a toddler, and tell you my dreams that I once hoped would be fulfilled before 30. This is a blog about us. Our day to day struggles and accomplishments. What lessons we have learned and what prides have been humbled. We are just a family affected by the economy just trying to get by in the real world.

Robert and Bethany were married Cinco de Mayo 2006. They love to give their time to rescue animals, support one another in their artistic passions, but most of all love their beautiful and talented daughter, Mary-Elizabeth. They have two rescue dogs, Link and Nessie, a massive collection of music, and a shared interest in Hitchcock, Straight Edge.

Bethany is a self proclaimed designer and self taught seamstress who works as a style director/bridal consultant at the local bridal shop. She has her own sewing blog, Lil' Bit & Nan. Besides sewing and designing, her hobbies include fashion, dancing, painting, antiquing, a love for elephants, and beating on some drums. Loves mid-century and art deco designs.

Robert is a graphic design student, doing freelance graphic design on the side of his bread winning job as a customer account relations tech. He too has his own blog, Son of Pear, where he shares his latest projects and develops his portfolio. Robert's hobbies include photography, attending music festivals, monsters, horror films, bass guitar, comics, sports entertainment (AKA: wrestling), and cars.

The two are always bound by the love for The Get Up Kids, and being sealed for time and all eternity in the Newport Beach Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Quirks: Robert is afraid of horses. Bethany is tone deaf.

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